Spirit of the Game

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Spirit of the Game

Spirit of the Game has made Ultimate Frisbee flourish in the past 30 years. It mainly depends on the responsibility and sportsmanship of the players. If the players are fair, then there’s no need for a referee. Most Ultimate players respect and love Spirit of the Game.

However for SOTG to work there are 5 main things to know and follow. The first rule is to treat others how you would want to be treated. For example, if you do not want others to cheat, then you yourself need to not cheat. Play fair and others will too. The second thing you should know is that Spirit of the Game takes effort. You cannot go out and be perfectly calm with every call and foul made it takes practice to be able to agree on all the calls made. This helps with the next thing you should know, breathing helps a lot. If you do not like the call that was made, then step back, breathe, think about what you’re about to say, then after you’ve thought about it; you can say it. Breathing helps you calm down, which leads to an a lot smoother talk with the rest of players, without a fight.

The fourth rule is no taunting or harassing others. A little from the stands, however, is fine; but from the players is not okay. Some players might find the jokes mean and might lead to a fight. Next is the final and fifth, is to have fun. It does not matter if you win or lose, as long as you and everyone else are having fun then that’s all you need. It is just a game, just play fair, follow the rules and everyone will have fun.

Sometimes if you have a good spirited team then you will get an award for it! The Farricker Spirit Award is given to the payer in the open division of the USA Ultimate's Club Championship Series adjudged to have exhibited personal responsibility, integrity, and fairness combined with a high standard of playing ability. Each qualifying open team nominates one player from their own team as the person who best represents Spirit of the Game. During the...
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